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The distinct advantage that search engine positioning ( where you rank against your competition search engine for the same key word) holds over every other form of Internet advertising is its ability to generate highly qualified visitors to client web sites. A highly qualified visitor is defined as an individual that is searching specifically for the products, services, or information that is offered on the web site at which they ultimately arrive. High conversion ratios are therefore one of the primary benefits of utilizing search engine positioning as an online marketing technique, a consideration that is becoming more applicable as online firms spend more frugally and look to maximize returns on their marketing investments.

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Site Design

Good site design generally occurs when the customer, the programmer and the graphic artist plan in a systematic way how to optimize web site position, ease of use and great graphics and animation.


Keyword let a spiders determine a web site's relevancy based on the keywords and keyword phrases that appear throughout the site. Points are awarded based on such factors as how many times the keyword is repeated, where the Keywords appear, how the keywords are used, and how the keywords are positioned in relation to one another. Sites can also be penalized for improper use of keywords. For example, sites that repeat a keyword upteen gazillion times in the hope of ranking higher, will inevitably find that they don't. So, obviously, your objective should be to optimize the use of keywords through a balanced approach.


An Internet address (for example,, usually consisting of the access protocol (http), the domain name (, and optionally the path to a file or resource residing on that server (trade

Link Poputalrity

Link Popularity is just like when you were in high school and all that mattered was if you were "in" and "popular". Well now it is your website that needs to be "popular" and with the Search Engines (SEs).

Link Popularity is a measure of the number of inbound links to your web site. It is becoming more important as more of the SEs are using this assessment tool when determining rank and positioning. The most well-known of the SEs to incorporated link popularity is Google. Some of the others which indicate that they use link popularity are AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, and Northern Lights.

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A search site on the Web that catalogs Web sites by subject and also manually indexes the site, providing a brief description of its content. Yahoo! is the most well-known directory site. See

Search Engines

search engine
Software that searches for data based on some criteria. Although search engines have been around for decades, they have been brought to the forefront since the World Wide Web exploded onto the scene. Every Web search site uses a search engine that it has either developed itself or has purchased from a third party. Search engines can differ dramatically in the way they find and index the material on the Web, and the way they search the indexes from the user's query.

The terms "search engine" and "Web search site" are used synonymously, although the former technically describes the software and methodolgy used, while the latter refers to the site itself. See Web search sites.




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