Merchant Account Rates and Fees

Service Industry Standard Fees Our Fees
Approval Time 2 - 3 weeks 1-4 Days
Customer Support 8am-8pm/Mon-Fri 24 Hours Per Day
7 Days Per Week
Credit Restrictions Very Strict Easy
Site Inspection $ 75 $75
Shipping $ 50 - $ 75 FREE
Application Fee $ 90 - $ 195 FREE For a limited time only
Amex Setup $ 50 - $ 75 FREE for a limited time
Fraud Screening $ 0.50 - $ 1.00
per transaction
Approval Time 2 - 3 weeks 3 - 5 days poor credit


We help vendors that require merchant accounts and credit card processing in the areas of

non-face-to-face transactions
Internet transactions
extremely high monthly volume vendors

Although approval cannot be guaranteed without processing a merchants application for a merchant account, our approval is rate is nearly 100% on legal U.S. Businesses.

NOTE: The above rates do not include equipment they include only the rates for the merchant account. You will also need to purchase or lease either a Internet Processing System, Processing Software that runs on your PC, or a Point of Sale Terminal in order to enter your transactions.

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