Credit Card Processing


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There are four ways you do credit card processing on the web. Decide which method is more appropriate for your business. Due to the flexibility and features, real-time processing is best for about 90% of all businesses wanting to do credit card processing, unless you are a retail store, then the terminal processing might be more appropriate for you.

Real-Time Processing

The most popular & flexible method of credit card processing for businesses on the web is real-time processing. This type of merchant account will process and charge your customer's credit card information automatically by working with the ordering system you have chosen (Shopping Cart, Order Forms, etc.). Since the whole process is automatic, and you have access to a virtual terminal on most systems, this is the most effortless method available. The virtual terminals allows you to enter a person's information manually via an online secure form to accommodate phone orders. It is an ideal credit card processing solution.

Terminal Processing - For Retail Stores!

This method is more suitable for retail stores or businesses that will have the actual credit card in person to swipe on a terminal machine. It is quick and efficient. All that is required is a swipe of the credit card through the machine and it is completed. You are also able to enter the numbers of the card manually via the keypad. It is only an ideal credit card processing solution for retail stores

Software Processing

The least popular method of credit card processing is with a computer software program. It is very similar to a terminal, but you are able to enter the customers information, and credit card number to process the order via your computer. You are not able to swipe the card, and the numbers must be entered into the software that is installed on the computer. If you have access to a computer, then I suggest the real-time processing as most of them come with a virtual terminal. The only advantage by going this route, is you can store all of your customer's information in the program for easy recurring billing.


The newest type of credit card processing available today, is wireless via a terminal machine via a wireless network.



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