Verifone Tranz T380 X2





  • Accepts all major credit, debit and private-label cards, providing low-cost credit card authorization, funds transfer, check guarantee and data capture for a variety of retail applications.
  • Handles a variety of sophisticated applications that simplify record keeping keeping and maximize profits.
  • Stores more transactions before you need to make a settlement
  • Supports most TRANZ 330 applications
  • Performs fast batch processing audit trail searches and account range selection
  • Collects information from track 1 and track 2 of a magnetic-striped card in a single card swipe
  • Simplifies creating and updating application programs with a unique terminal control language (TCL)
  • Allows fast application downloads and file transfers through ZONTALK 2000, VeriFone's advanced download program
  • Stores invalid card information for fast off-line authorizationSupports
  • VeriFone peripheral products*
    PRINTER 150 slip printer
    PRINTER 250 roll printer
    PRINTER 500 slip/roll/journal printer
    PRINTER 600 report printer
    PIN Pad 101 security device
    PIN Pad 202 security device
  • Bar code wandPrompts you through each step of a typical transaction with concise messages on an easy-to-read display
  • Includes security and fraud control features often required in bank card environments

With up to 128K of battery-backed RAM, the TRANZ 380 Transaction Automation system handles the complex business applications you need to differentiate your services in today's competitive market. Its expanded memory has room for more sophisticated programs as well as space to store larger transaction volumes. And its dial-track card reader keeps you ready for changes in tomorrow's credit and debit card usage.Fast and efficient are of the top qualities featured in the TRANZ 380 system which enables check lines to move quickly in high traffic areas such as: restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, box office and ticket outlets, and other high-traffic areas.With the TRANZ 380, you can expand the ranges of services that you offer. It handles sophisticated applications that help you to better manage your business, and it lets you accept debit (ATM) cards in payment for goods and services. The TRANZ 380 also can electronically track your employee time and attendance for more accurate payroll records and better resource management.The TRANZ 380's large memory allows it to store invalid card files locally, so you can perform fast, off-line, card authorization and save on communication costs. You can collect the data you need to personalize receipts and run frequent-shopper and other specialized programs.Many competing systems cannot compare with the TRAZ 380 ability to store multiple transactions. Restaurateurs and other users can wait until the end of a shift or the end of the day to reconcile and transmit transaction data.
The system gives you enhanced local processing speed for fast batch processing, account range selection and audit trail searches. The TRANZ 380 can connect a slip printer or a roll printer and a PIN pad or bar code wand to expand your transaction capabilities.TRANZ 380 supports most TRANZ 330 applications, such as restaurant tip reporting, health benefits verification and credit card pre-authorization for hotels. Plus' you can quickly add, update or create new applications using the VeriFone terminal control language (TCL) designed specially for transaction processing.FAST, EFFICIENT SYSTEM DEPLOYMENTVeriFone's advanced download program, ZONTALK 2000, expedites system deployment by letting you download individual TRANZ 380 system parameters directly, in a minute or less. It will even let you program the terminal clock or passwords as part of the download process, eliminating the need to manually perform these time consuming processes.
ZONTALK 2000 also supports telephone downloads. Also, since the download is performed over the same telephone line used to process transactions, no additional equipment is required at the remote terminal site.

Specifications and Dimensions :


  • Microprocessor Z80 CPU
  • Memory 32 Kbytes EPROM and 32 Kbytes battery-backed RAM
  • Display 16-character, vacuum fluorescent display, including decimal point and comma
  • Card Reader ABA track 1 or track 2 magnetic stripe card reader
    Peripheral Ports RS-232 serial port for a slip, roll or sprocket printer
  • Communications Port For connecting a PIN pad or a third-party device such as an intelligent barcode wand or hand-held scanner


Modem Configurations 300/1200 baud modem that supports both Bell 103 and Bell 212 configurations. Bell 202 leased-line configuration CCITT V.21/V.22/V.23 configuration


Height 1.5 in (38.1 mm)
Width 5.6 in (142.2 mm)
Depth 6.0 in (152.4 mm)
Shipping Weight 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg)


Operating Temperature 0º to 40º C (32º to 104º F)
Storage Temperature -18ºto 70º C (0ºto 158º F)
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%, non-condensing


Voltage Configurations 120VAC, 60 Hz



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