Nurit 3010

The Lipman NURIT 3010 is an advanced "go-anywhere" wireless terminal from Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd, and the perfect answer to transaction processing for mobile and temporary location retailers at places such as stadiums, outdoor concessions, parking lots, kiosks, delivery companies etc...

The culmination of many years experience in both wireless processing technology and POS terminal manufacturing, this 3rd generation wireless product is a true technological leader and an All-In-One solution to your transaction needs.

The NURIT 3010 incorporates a radio modem (OEM internal data modem or PCMCIA slot for external plug-in unit), local RF network, line modem, internal fast printer, internal PIN pad (optional), Smart Card Reader (optional), 4 SAM modules and a rechargeable battery pack with fast charger - all enclosed in one compact package!


Features :

  • Low-cost, wireless, all-in-one terminal solution
  • Highly reliable 20-button ergonomically designed keypad
    Light weight
  • Battery backed-up 256 KB RAM (512, 1024 or 2048 KB optional)
  • Fast 32-bit processor
  • Fast 12 line-per-second printer (graphical, 2 ¼ inch (57mm) wide paper, 24 or 40 columns in text mode)
  • Rear-accessible peripheral ports:
    -Two RJ-11 connectors (2/6) for Tel-line and telephone
    -One RJ-11 connector (4/4) for external PIN pad interface (RS-232 port)
    -One RJ-45 connector for RS-232 communication

  • Large back-lit graphical display (128x64 pixels) enhancing the graphical user interface and menu-driven applications
  • OS and dual-track 1 & 2 magnetic reader (track 2 & 3 optional)
  • Application downloading via Tel-line or RS-232 connection
  • Built-in battery pack for 10 hours of operating time (with built-in 2-hour fast charger)
  • Battery status monitor
  • Built-in radio modem for Cellular Data Network - MOBITEX, DATATAC, CDPD, GSM
  • Internal OEM Data Modem/PCMCIA Slot for external plug-in unit
  • Built-in Smart Card Interface (optional)
  • 4 SAM modules; 2 accessible.
  • External optional mini-docking station that includes:
    - Telephone interface
    - Power supply interface
    - Additional charger for a spare battery pack

Human Interface :

Graphical back-lit LCD display (128 x 64 pixels); contrast adjustment via keypad
20-button ergonomically-designed keypad
Full alphanumeric entry capability
Dual track 1 and 2 card reader (tracks 2 and 3 optional)
User-friendly menu-driven system
Easily accessible rear peripheral ports


Powerful 32-bit Motorola microprocessor, type EC68000 including specially designed ASIC

Wireless Capabilities

Built-in radio modem
PCMCIA slot for external plug-in radio module (optional)
Local RF network
Hardware/software solutions for MOBITEX, DATATAC, CDPD and GSM cellular networks


Total memory capacity of 4 MB
1 MB flash memory for loader, operating system, applications, executable plug-ins, protocol plug-ins and parameters (extendable to 2 MB)
256 KB battery backed-up RAM for user data (including RAM disk)
Six month minimum data retention
Optional 512 ,1024 and 2048 KB battery backed-up RAM
Write-protected RAM using special hardware mechanism to protect RAM disk content


Easy-to-use API, minimizing application size and programming efforts
Application downloading via phone line or RS-232 connection
Easy-to-use debugging tools
Complete and detailed hardware/software built-in tests
Add-on application libraries for major third-party credit, debit, check verification and truncation programs, EBT, phone cards, prepaid, added value and private label cards


Dial-up modem @ 1200/2400bps for telephone communication (CCITT V.22bis and Bell 212A). Asynchronous and synchronous protocols supported by operating system. Higher bit rates in future models
HDLC protocol supported by operating system.


Two RJ-11 2/6 connectors for Tel-line and telephone.
One RJ-11 4/4 connector for external PIN pad interface (RS-232 port)
One RJ-45 connector for RS-232 communication
External card interface: PCMCIA types 1,2 and 3 used for wireless modem and memory expansion (optional)
Docking station interface


Fast, graphic thermal printing mechanism (Seiko LTP-1245)
Simple-to-use automatic paper feeder
Standard 57mm wide paper (384 pixels per row)
Printing speed: 12 lines per second


Supplied UL approved AC/DC adapter: 15Vdc/1.5A
Built-in battery pack (UPS) allowing for 10 hours of operation or 150 transactions
Built-in 2-hour fast charger

Docking Station

Docking station that easily "snaps-in-place" with the NURIT 3010 to provide optional telephone (two RJ-11 connectors) and power supply interface, in addition to quick charger for spare battery pack.


  • Built-In PIN Pad
  • Eliminates the need for external device
    Meets standards: ANSI X3.92, ANSI X9.24, ANSI X9.8

Built-In Smart Card Interface

One smart card interface (supports ISO-7816 contact smart cards, synchronous and asynchronous; T=0, T=1). Protocol layers up to "transport" layer supported by OS
Eliminates the need for high-cost external devices

Up to four ISO 7816 SAM Security Modules

Two accessible
Two internal at board level

Mechanical Dimensions:

Weight: 92 mm (H) x 108 mm (W) x 230 mm (D)
3.62 inch (H) x 4.25 inch (W) x 9.05 inch (D)

Terminal and battery pack: 988g [2.16 lb.];
AC/DC docking unit/charger: 164g [5.8 oz.]


Complies and registered with FCC parts 15 and 68.




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