Hypercom T77


Hypercom T77



The Hypercom T77 has all the same features as the Hypercom T7P, plus the high-speed, easily replaceable printer module. The Hypercom T77 features either a sprocket or friction driven paper feed that can print at a blazing 4 lines per second. The print head life expectancy is an amazing 2,000,000 lines, making the Hypercom T77 a terminal you can rely on.

Hypercom T77 Product Highlights

BFast printer (friction or sprocket feed)
Small footprint
35 Key keyboard is easy to learn; simple to use
256K memory
Under 10 second dial transaction response times
Easy to change paper and ribbons
Cashier replaceable printer module
High visibility 2 x 20 back-lit LCD display
Full track 1 and 2 card reader is standard
IC card reader option
Backwards software compatibility with T7E and T7P terminals



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