Dassault Talento EFT


Dassault Talento EFT


Talento's retail/restaurant application allows credit, debit, EBT, check authorization, electronic check, mail order/phone order, and smart card acceptance. Talento offers numerous features that provide a flexible, yet secure transaction process. The big, bright screen, the simple keyboard with ATM-like function keys and the contoured ergonomic design make the Talento extremely user friendly. The powerful multitasking application running inside Talento reduces customer and operator wait time.

Talento EFT Terminal Product Highlights

Fastest transaction times
Reliable printer
Easy to use design with 5 one touch buttons
Quick load automatic paper feeder
Quiet thermal printer

Talento EFT Terminal Specifications

Display 6 lines of configurable backlit LCD display
(top 5 lines - 21 characters per line, bottom line - icon display)

Keyboard 25 keys - 5 function keys and 3 screen addressable keys
Options 41 keys with graphic display
59 keys with QWERTY Keyboard
RAM 128K or 256K
Optional 512K, 8MB
Card Reader Tracks 1 and 2 or 2 and 3
Options Track 3 and JIS II reader
Processor 16bit Microprocessor
Modem 2400bps (synch/asynch)
Options Smart Card Reader
Phone & RS232 portson powerpack
Check reader
Intergrated Pin Pad



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